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    Bosguagon n. the Volkswagen Beetle


He's got a crush.
El tiene un coco.
"He's got a coconut."

He's confused.
El tiene los cables cruza'os.
"His cables are crossed."

That rocks!
!Boto la casa por la ventana!
"He threw the house out the window!"

He's a pretty boy.
Es una postalita.
"He's a postcard."

It's a big problem.
Eso ni lo brinca un chivo.
"Not even a goat can jump it".

He takes good care of himself.
Se da lija.
"He sandpapers himself."

He died.
Canto el manicero.
"He sang the peanut vendor."

She's cute.
Que mona.
"She's a monkey."

He's a good guy.
Es un pan.
"He's a piece of bread."

He plays dumb.
Se hace la mosquita muerta.
"He plays the dead fly."

He's trouble.
Es la pata 'el diablo.
"He's the leg of the devil."

Come in, come in and have a seat.
Entre, entre y tome una silla.
"Between, between and drink a chair."

Just in case.
Por si las moscas.
"For if the flies."

I overdid it.
Se me fue la mano.
"My hand left me."

I'm going to slap you.
Te voy a entrar a galleta limpia
"I'm gonna enter you to clean crackers."

He's spreading a rumor.
Esta corriendo la bola.
"He's running the ball."

  Links   marque n. a supermarket


    groceri n. grocery store or supermarket


  Articles / Articúlos   Guendis n. Wendy's fast-food restaurant



  Berguerquin n. Burger King


    Macdonal n. McDonnald's


    Pisa Ho n. Pizza Hut




  Sebenileben n. 7-Eleven convenience store


      guarejaus n. warehouse


      pisicorre n. station wagon


      paraguero n. inept motorist


      saguecera n. Miami's southwest residential areas


      jandi n. a parking space reserved for the handicapped


      tique n. ticket


      transporteichon n. barely adequate automobile


      La Vaquita n. the closest Farm Stores to your house


      dauntaun n. urban downtown area


      llompear v. the act of connecting two vehicles' power sources
together with jumper cables in order to induce recharging of one of the vehicle's batteries


      un su n. a legal suit


      yin n. a pair of jeans


      blumer n. women's underwear; panties


      pantijo n. panty hose


      tenis n. athletic shoes; sneakers


      chor n. pair of shorts


      yaqui n. a jacket or windbreaker


      Guachinton n. Washington D.C.


      Mallamibish n. Miami Beach


      printear v. to print; use of a computer printer


      faxear v. to fax


      taipear v. to type


      incontas adj. Income Tax


      bisne n. a business or business endeavor


      escochteip n. Scotch Tape


      liquiando v. a leak


      efichiensi n. efficiency housing


      Fa n. Fab laundry detergent


      lonchando v. having lunch


      cachú n. tomato ketchup


      quaquer n. Quaker Oats brand cereal


      quei n. a cake


      pitipua n. green peas


      jambergue n. a hamburger


      beico n. bacon


      shicle n. chewing gum


      cuqui n. a cookie


      jotdo n. a frankfurter


      sanguishe n. a sandwich


      estop n. stop sign


      guau adj.  wow


      un chou v. to make a scene in public


      japiverdei n. a birthday


      embarkation n. failure to adhere to a previous commitment or


      flonquear v. to fail an examination or course


      Tricotri n. Halloween


      meri crisma   merry christmas


      japi nu yier   happy new year  


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