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Newsletters from Casa Cuba of Houston.

The quarterly newsletter have a mission to provide with the latest situation in Cuba. We want CHANGES, but NOT FRAUD-CHANGES (which means to keep without the access to the liberties and rights to our Families, keeping the tyranny to our Families as SLAVES).
The best example of SLAVE are the medical doctors in the 'international missions' where the tyranny collect among $12,000-$25,000 (dollars) per month for each doctor (depending the specialty), while the doctors receive a misserable compensation of about $200 (dollars)/month. This is the reason we have seen how many medical doctors left those missions from Venezuela, Brazil, Nicaragua, Ecuador, and many countries from Afrika.
Likewise, the world have seen too many times how the sportman left their delegations in the Olympics, the Inter-American Sports, Panamericans Tournaments, etc. At the same time, the base-ball players earn a lot of monies playing in the Major League Baseball, leaving the hardware of the sickle and hammer (logo from communism).
Our brothers and sisters are sick and tired of slavery, and come to the United States NOT only in search of freedom, but real opportunities to improve their standard of living and help their families in Cuba,...
Our national problem is basically a HUMAN one, what the United Nations called Human Rights which are violated institutionally (the powers of legislation, juditial, and government are NOT separated, all are controlled by the communist party). So our problems are NOT only patriotic, politic because the tyranny have impose their only view, one side of the information, one side of the history, inquisition education system, hidden the rest as counter-revolutionary, stigmatizing everything, the persons who want to reunify with their families. So, the practice of discrimination, inquisition, racism (political, ideological, race, religion) have been present in the life of Cubans for more than 60 years, inclusive the people who belong to new class,... The tyranny expell you from your work if you are not with them or they think you are NOT, from Study center, and remember the tyranny is the only employer, the one who rule everything in his FARM which castro have converted Cuba.
And, to end the differend between United States and Tyranny (NOT Cuba, because Castro is NOT Cuba, and Cuba is NOT Castro), is NOT the real problem for Cubans. The real problem is the Tyranny against the Cuban People, because the Tyranny have impossed thru the communist party, as the only political party, the marxism-leninism as the only ideological system allowed, and the rest have been demoniacal,...
We have seen how the 'revolution' is deffended very hard by NOT cuban people, and the reason is simple they have received good vacations and a lot of privileges with the money of Cuban SLAVES (remember Cuba is an APARTHEID for Cubans). FREE scholarship to some Latinoamerican people, have prepared a lot of guerrilla people in the techniques of terrorism and guerrilla warfare, espionage, everything with the spirit to defend in LatinAmerica the Cuban revolution, "the new land and new heaven".
We can summarize the paradise of revolution, presenting you the change in the number of prissions. Before 1959, under the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista had only 18, and since then under the tyranny of Fidel and Raúl Castro have been increased to 586, converted in the sixth largest country with these number of prissions.
Cubans is the immigration who have showed to AMERICA how important is the FREEDOM, LIBERTIES, HUMAN RIGHTS and the OPPORTUNITIES for ALL,...
After the established the relation between United States and Castro, the Cuban immigrants have increased the numbers of Cubans leaving the country, because Cubans DON'T TRUST in castro, it is the legitimization of Tyranny, the Slavery communist-system when president obama re-established the relations, delivering everything castro demanded...


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